• Essential personnel

    All principals and assistant principals   |    Deadline: December 22 

    As part of City Schools new inclement weather coding system, it is important that employees designated as “essential” understand their job functions as directly responsible for the safe opening and closing of schools. Please provide this memorandum to each employee designated as “essential” outlined in the Board’s rules and the nine categories of employees defined as “essential” including:

    • Principals 
    • Education building supervision 
    • Contract maintenance staff 
    • Custodial staff 
    • Grounds and repair personnel 
    • Transportation staff 
    • School police 
    • Chiefs 
    Principals are requested to review this memo with your school’s custodians, have the custodian sign this document, and provide a scanned copy of the signed memo to your ILED. the new color coding system for employees. Please emphasize that the ONLY time essential employees do not need to report is when there is a code “red”.

    Principals should discuss with essential employees that they should have a reliable means of transportation to your school in the event of inclement weather and encourage them to make appropriate arrangements in advance. It is recommended that principals and their employees should exchange phone numbers so that you can communicate in emergency situations. You may want to consider establishing call-in protocols and designating specific points of contact. This will be especially important if the CEO modifies start times when confronted with particularly hazardous conditions.

    When the District announces “liberal leave” – it does not extend to our essential personnel. We rely upon them to prepare our facilities for safe openings and closings. However, the safety of all staff is critically important, and in some situations it may be prudent for you to assist employees in arranging carpools and other appropriate arrangements so they can fulfill their job responsibilities safely. When our essential employees fail to report as directed, you should follow the progressive discipline protocols.