• Enrollment projections

    All leaders  |   December 14  

    As part of the FY17 budget process, principals will need to review their school’s enrollment projections, posted on Principal's Dashboard on Friday, December 4, and respond by Monday, December 14. Simply download the enrollment tool, along with the guidance document containing detailed instructions, and review the projected figures on the left side of the screen. Principals should indicate whether they agree or disagree and request a different projection number. 

    If you agree with the enrollment projections:
    If you disagree with the enrollment projections:
    • Confirm disagreement by using the drop-down under column “R” 
    • Enter your proposed alternative projections, including a detailed rationale, in the spaces indicated on the right side of the document 
    • Contact your manager and ILED to discuss your proposal 
    • Save the document 
    • Email it to enrollmentprojections@bcps.k12.md.us, copying your ILED and manager
    Contact your manager and ILED to discuss your projection and its potential impact for your FY17 budget. Please remember that the earlier you submit your response, the more time there will be to consider requests.

    For questions, please email enrollmentprojections@bcps.k12.md.us.