• Field trip safety reminders

    All principals and assistant principals    

    As schools prepare for field trips, please follow these recommendations and plan for safety:

    • Ensure you have multiple communication capabilities (cell phone, text, email, two-way radios, etc.) among the field trip sponsor, lead chaperone, bus driver, and a dedicated point of contact from the school. Include an after-school contact so that any important information can be shared about emergencies or other issues that occur on the field trip or back at the school. 
    • Ensure a comprehensive roster of all students, staff, and volunteers is compiled and shared.
    • Ensure the school field trip sponsor/person in charge is aware of any medical concerns of students, staff, and volunteers who are participating in the field trip.
    • Ensure the bus driver or private transportation provider is aware of the primary travel route and any alternate routes to/from your field trip destination.
    • The school field trip sponsor, lead chaperone, bus driver or private transportation provider, school officials, and lead security should receive local safety and emergency alert information from your field trip’s jurisdiction, including traffic conditions, government closures, public safety incidents, and severe weather concerns.
    Please remember that all field trips need the appropriate ILED or CEO permission. Please see Board of Commissioners policy IJOA for details.