• Inclement weather coding system

    All leaders   

    Please note the new City Schools administrative regulation regarding employee attendance during inclement weather and other emergency conditions and share with all staff.

    When it is necessary to cancel or delay opening of schools or the district office or to close early due to inclement weather or other emergencies, an announcement will be made through all district and available external media channels (including television and radio stations) that refers to a color code. For example:

    “Baltimore City Public Schools is closed [or delayed] today. Code [color] is in effect for all employees.”

    Please download a copy of the chart below for definitions of each color code.

     Code  Decision  Notes
     Orange Schools and offices open with a 2-hour delay Essential personnel report on time
     Green Schools closed Essential and district office personnel report on time
     Blue Schools closed; district office opens with a 2-hour delay Essential personnel report on time; liberal leave* in effect for nonessential personnel 
     Yellow Schools and offices closed Only essential personnel report
     Red School district closed For all personnel
    If schools are closed, non-essential, school-based staff (including teachers) do not need to report and do not need to use liberal leave. 
    * Liberal leave means that nonessential employees may elect to use accumulated leave time, or leave without pay if no leave balance is available, without advance approval from their supervisor. However, employees must contact their immediate supervisor if they will not be reporting to work. If liberal leave is announced, it may be charged to personal, vacation, or compensatory leave.

    Please prominently display the new codes in your school and offices. In addition, note that the policy and administrative regulation define the various levels of personnel (essential and non-essential) and provides direction for school-based and non-school-based personnel. When schools are closed, non-essential school-based employees do not report to work.