• i-Ready administration

    All principals and assistant principals  |   Deadline: December 23

    The second i-Ready reading and math administration window is from Tuesday, December 1, through Wednesday, December 23 for students in these categories:

    • Grades 3 to 8 in traditional schools 
    • Grades 9 to 12 in traditional schools, except students who scored at or above grade level in the first administration
    • Grades 3 to 12 in traditional schools for those not tested in reading or math during the first administration
    To prepare for the administration, please ensure that school test coordinators and technology coordinators do the following:
    • Ensure all computers (laptops and desktops) are operating properly, with working audio, ability to access the Internet via Google Chrome, and functioning headphones
    • Confirm all students know their log-in information
    • In collaboration with school leaders, develop a testing schedule that accommodates both assessments and leaves time for make-up days
    • Develop a plan to target absent students to ensure maximum schoolwide completion
    Please note that the i-Ready reading and math growth-monitoring assessments for grades 3 to 8 will be available on Thursday, December 24. Students who are below grade level should be monitored every four weeks between administration windows.

    Additional details regarding required assessments and assessment calendars for all grades, including PARCC and HSA, can be found on the City Schools Inside assessment page. For questions, please email Carol Wilson in the Achievement and Accountability Office.