• SLO deadline

    All principals and assistant principals  |  Deadline: November 6

    Teachers must submit their Student Learning Objective (SLO) learning target or have their SLO exemption request approved in TSS by Friday, October 23. Supervisors have until Friday, November 6 to respond and approve all SLOs.

    SLOs Support
    • TSS Resources: Review the SLO resources in TSS for principals to find more information on the SLO module, SLO guidance, and more. Check back often for additional resources.
    • SLO ambassadors: Your school’s SLO ambassadors are a peer-to-peer resource for teachers. Principals are encouraged to work with them and help them schedule support sessions for teachers and supporting teachers whose SLO target submission is not yet approved.
    • District SLO team: District staff members have hosted in-person sessions and conference calls to provide support for teacher SLOs. Please continue to email us if you have additional questions. 
    As a reminder, only BTU employees with classroom teacher job titles who are included in the Teacher Effectiveness Evaluation must participate in the SLO process. For more information, please visit City Schools Inside.

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