• Update on strategic plan community meetings

    All principals and assistant principals  |  Deadline: ongoing through November 4

    The series of meetings organized to gain input from the community regarding City Schools’ five-year strategic plan are now underway. In order to make upcoming meetings successful, principals are requested to support the public engagement efforts by

    • Registering a school team to participate in the identified Community Learning Network meeting. School teams should consist of at least 3 members, including (but not limited to) a staff member, a student (high schools only), a parent, and a community member. 
    • Helping to publicize the meeting dates and encouraging participation from staff, parents, and members of the School Family Council/Organized Parents Group
    A toolkit of resources is available to help in promotion efforts. All school leaders in networks that have not yet had their community meetings should visit the toolkit for more information and resources, including ParentLink scripts, flier templates, and more.

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