• Student transfers

    All principals and assistant principals   

    Now that the student transfer window has closed, schools should email Director Sharone Brinkley-Parker in the Enrollment and Attendance department with questions regarding student placements. Please note that students should not be given transfers in the absence of special circumstances. 

    In order to help schools with any questions or concerns, an Enrollment and Attendance Specialist has been assigned to each Community Learning Network:
    • Network 1: Terrance Harris 
    • Networks 2 and 4: Karl Starks 
    • Network 3: Trevor Roberts (and two middle schools in Network 9)
    • Network 5: Ernest Miles 
    • Network 6: Sherri West-Barber 
    • Network 7: Susan Saffold (Monroe)
    High school inquiries should be sent to Sharone Brinkley-Parker; alternative options inquiries should be directed to Specialized Services.