• New GPA scale

    High school principals and assistant principals   |   Deadline: October 19

    The new simplified grading scale has now been implemented, in time for college application season. School leaders should work with leadership teams, school counselors, and support staff to complete the following by Monday, October 19. Please note that school counselors have already been made aware of the following steps.

    • Run “calculate grades,” “credits,” and “GPA process” in SMS first to ensure that prior grades are properly updated.
    • Distribute copies of transcripts to students; note that updated cumulative GPAs will not appear on first-quarter report cards or be available through Parent Portal. 
    • Schools should also calculate and store students’ class rank.
    The new grading scale begins with a baseline of 1.0; includes quality points for honors, Advanced Placement, and International Baccalaureate courses; and eliminates the penalty for minus grades. Please review frequently asked questions and visit the City Schools' website for more information. For questions, email Angelique Jessup in the College and Career Readiness department