• Before- and after-school supervision

    All principals and assistant principals   

    This is a reminder that school leaders are responsible for ensuring that there is basic supervision of students on school grounds, for a reasonable period of time, before the opening school bell each morning and after school dismissal. Please follow these guidelines:

    • Supervision should be provided for no less than 15 minutes before the school’s official start/entry time and no less than 15 minutes after the school’s end/dismissal.
    • Principals are not obliged to provide supervision for additional time beyond the 15-minute window but are encouraged to do so when feasible.
    • A basic level of supervision is one that allows school personnel to identify potentially dangerous situations and to take action to address them.
    • In heavy rain, at or below freezing, or other hazardous weather conditions, principals should provide supervision inside of the building during the specified time periods.