• Data-quality deliverables

    All principals   |  Deadline: through October 28 

    Please ensure that your data-quality team completes the following tasks by Friday, October 16:

    • Resolving cases of students enrolled in two counties (posted on Office 365 data-quality contact site)
    • Correction of entry code errors (posted on Office 365 data-quality contact site)
    • Correction of “one-off” errors (emailed to data-quality contacts)
    For reference, the following data-cleansing reports can be found on eWeb:
    • Report 12: Aging T10
    • Report 37: Missing schedule/homeroom, or schedule date different from enroll date
    • Report 100: Scheduled course with missing/invalid teacher assignment 
    • Report 109: Missing or invalid student demographics/active and inactive students
    • Report 110: Missing schedules for active and inactive students
    • Report 121: Students in grades 1-8 missing promotion gateway courses
    • Report 128: Student missing middle name or has only middle initial
    • Report 133: Teacher of record/order error 
    Principals should have received an email indicating the availability of the documents needed to complete the Student Enrollment Verification Process by Wednesday, October 21. Your data-quality team must address all cross-LEA errors (to be emailed Tuesday, October 20, and posted on Office 365) by Wednesday, October 28.

    For questions, please email the Achievement and Accountability Office.