• Free student natural disaster preparation

    Elementary school principals and assistant principals  |  Deadline: First come, first serve  

    The American Red Cross Pillowcase Project is a free program that teaches 3rd- to 5th-grade students about natural hazards and how to prepare for disasters. City Schools’ goal is to reach 4,000 students with this program.

    All services and supplies will be provided. The presentation occurs in one 40- to 60-minute session and works best with groups of 20 to 35. For this reason, the program is usually presented class by class, rather than in an auditorium setting. It can be presented in sequential or concurrent sessions in classrooms. Each teacher receives an educator's packet with a workbook, hazards map, and posters for the classroom. The standards-aligned program is structured by three core principles: learn, practice, and share.

    If your school is interested in participating, please email Amanda Ellison, special assistant in the School Supports Office, and include the number of classes and total number of students.