Associated Student Congress of Baltimore City

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    What is ASCBC?

    ASCBC stands for, Associated Student Congress of Baltimore City. ASCBC is the main student leadership council for all students enrolled in Baltimore City Public Schools. ASCBC oversees all student government associations (SGA). ASCBC provides direction and support to all SGA’s through school visits, technology, and general assembly’s (GA).
    In essence, … “ASCBC is your SGA’s #1 Friend”

    Meet Your Board and Staff Officers 

    DeAsia Ellis, ASCBC President
    Oversees all meetings, and members of ASCBC and activities in regard to ASCBC. Provides the voice of ASCBC in City Schools

    Jonathan Townes, Student Commissioner
    Sits on the board of Education to represent the youth of Baltimore City.

    Zion Shaw, ASCBC Vice President
    Serves as an advocate for the youth of Baltimore City to make sure that they know they have ASCBC in their corner

    Milik Brooks, Chief of Staff.
    Helps students connect to resources and maintains order within ASCBC.

    Debra Hammond, ASCBC Treasurer.
    Manages all financial affairs regarding ASCBC to enhance the community and City Schools.

    Dana Shird, ASCBC Secretary.
    Maintains and records all ASCBC documents and to maintain the stability of ASCBC.