• Enrollment adjustments

    All leaders | Deadline: September 30, October 23

    Please review the following carefully to ensure a smooth enrollment-adjustment process.

    Key dates and important information

    • The enrollment adjustment process will take place between October 5 and 23. All enrollment adjustments must be resolved no later than October 23.

    Attendance and immunizations: All data must be fully updated in SMS no later than Wednesday, September 30. Updates after this date will not be considered in this year’s enrollment adjustments.

    Transferring students: If your school is receiving transfer students, the sending school must complete the T10 form and the receiving school must enroll these students in SMS before September 30. If this does not occur, the receiving school will not be funded for those transfers. (If you are experiencing difficulties receiving forms from sending schools, please contact your student support liaison and manager of school operations support immediately.)

    Fund allocations for general education and students with disabilities (SWD) are each subject to adjustment.

    IEPs must be closed in the Maryland Online IEP system no later than September 30 for SWD funding.

    Budget guidance requirements are still in effect; please refer to the home page of Principal’s Dashboard.

    Next steps

    The following will be available on Principal’s Dashboard on Monday, October 5:

    • Allocation release
    • Enrollment adjustment calculator
    • Side by sides


    For assistance, please schedule an appointment with your assigned budget analyst so that he or she can be prepared to assist you upon your arrival.

     Networks  Analyst Name  Contact
     1, 2, 8  Yvonne Walker  ywalker@bcps.k12.md.us
     4, 5, Multiple Pathways  Kevin Cronin  kmcronin@bcps.k12.md.us
     6, 7, 10   Waqiba Strother  wstrother@bcps.k12.md.us
     3, 9  Terence Cox  tlcox@bcps.k12.md.us
     Charter  Nicole Johnson
     (formerly Wilson)

    Additional resources

    Immunizations (email Director Louise Fink, Home & Hospital Services, with any questions)
    Budget guidance
    Submission of budget amendments requests
    PSTAR systems and training for managing staffing requests
    Finance training documents