• Parent notification regarding non-HQ teachers

    All principals and assistant principals  |  Deadline: September 18  

    In accordance with the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, parents who have a child receiving instruction for four or more weeks from a teacher or long-term substitute who is not highly qualified (non-HQ) must be notified of this fact. The Human Capital Office will send out notifications during the week of September 28. Subsequent “Four-Week Notice” letters will be sent by the school for new hires or assignment changes that result in a child being taught by a non-HQ teacher. 

    To ensure data accuracy, Human Capital will send each principal a list of the school’s non-HQ teachers and will provide the principal with copies of the non-HQ notices that will be sent to individual teachers.

    Upon receipt of your non-HQ list, please inform Human Capital of any incorrect information by emailing the correct information to certification@bcps.k12.md.us by Friday, September 18. Teachers will also be given an opportunity to update the Certification Office regarding any erroneous information. More detailed information on this data validation process will be provided in a September 10 email with your school’s list on non-HQ teachers.

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