• Attendance awareness month

    All principals and assistant principals  |  Deadline: September 30  

    September is attendance awareness month. Attendance-related resources for families and for staff, along tips on how to promote strong attendance are available online. Elementary and elementary/middle schools will be receiving brochures to distribute to families whose children may already be struggling with attendance this year or who experienced attendance issues in 2014-15. Additionally, every school is eligible to participate in City Schools’ attendance initiative.

    Throughout the year, all school teams must monitor daily attendance and implement supports targeting students who are not meeting the state expectation of 94 percent attendance. School teams should have an effective SST process, schoolwide interventions, an attendance plan offering tiered supports, incentives to promote improved attendance, and organized collaboration with all stakeholders to promote better attendance for students with attendance issues.

    For additional information, please email Sharone Brinkley-Parker, director of the Enrollment and Attendance department.