• Immunizations

    All principals and assistant principals  |  Deadline: September 25

    The Baltimore City Health Department will hold immunization clinics open to City Schools’ students on Friday, September 18, and Friday, September 25, from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. at 620 N. Caroline Street. 

    Schools must schedule a time for their students to attend by calling Rose Jefferson at 410-396-4454. If the parent/guardian accompanies the student to the health clinic, no forms are necessary, although the parent can complete the screening checklist prior to arriving at the clinic. If the parent/guardian does not accompany the student, the following forms must be completed:

    Parental delegation of consent form, naming the supervising person the school will send to the clinic
    Confirmation form and screening checklist for vaccine contraindications completed by the supervising person

    Please note that these forms are in addition to field trip permission forms. Students will not be immunized if forms are not fully completed. Students who are 18 years of age or older may legally consent to treatment/vaccination on their own.

    Immunizations can also be given at school-based health centers. Students should make an appointment with the center to ensure that the appropriate vaccines are available. All students already enrolled in the school-based health center can be immunized; other students enrolled at the school that houses the health center can receive immunizations if a parent/guardian accompanies them. Students from other schools can receive immunizations at school-based health centers provided that the following actions are taken:

    • The student’s school contacts the school-based health center to arrange an appointment.
    • The nurse at the student’s school reviews the permission form with the parent/guardian prior to the appointment.
    • The parent/guardian either accompanies the student or completes the parental delegation of consent form.
    • The principal of the student’s school contacts the principal of the school with the school-based health center to ensure that the student will be permitted on campus and in the health center.

    Please review the following additional documents:

    Vaccine information statement on TDaP for 7th- and 8th-grade students
    Immunization appointment letter (bilingual)