• Library card distribution

    Elementary and elementary/middle school principals and assistant principals  

    This year, families of students registering for pre-k and kindergarten were able to sign up for a “First Card” from the Pratt Library as part of their school registration. This library card, for children 6 and under, can be used to check out children’s books that will never be charged with late fees. 

    The Pratt Library has begun delivering cards to schools, and for those schools located close to a Pratt Library branch, cards will be delivered by the nearby Pratt librarian in an effort to help foster a relationship with the school. Please note that only pre-k and kindergarten students whose parents signed up to receive the First Card on their school registration form will receive a card.

    For questions about distribution of First Cards, please contact your local Pratt Library children’s librarian or call Deborah Taylor, Pratt Library at 410-396-5356.

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