• Family and community engagement specialist assignments

    All principals  

    The work of the district’s family and community engagement (FCE) specialists can provide a key component and support to school- and districtwide efforts to cultivate ever greater engagement among schools, families and communities. 

    At the CEO Leadership Institute, the new structure of the FCE role was shared. Below, please find FCE school assignments for the 2015-2016 school year. The work of the specialists will be targeted to support the implementation of the Family and Community Engagement Policy, with a streamlined focus on supporting schools in building community involvement, growing the capacity of families to support student success, and cultivating strategic partnerships that align to school mission and goals.

    Please watch for a message from your FCE specialist that will propose a schedule for an introductory visit. More information about the menu of services and supports will be provided. For questions about family and community engagement, please contact your specialist or email Executive Director Hassan Charles.
     Community Learning Network  FCE Specialist Assignment
     1  Reginald Trammell
     2  Christy Lewis
     3  Marc LaVeau
     4  Monique Armstrong
     5  Donnell Heard
     6  Monique Armstrong
     7  Christy Lewis
     8  Marc LaVeau – (schools 427, 378, 403, 406,  and 339)
     Donnell Heard – (schools 410, 349, 401, 419,  and 407)
     9  Marc LaVeau
     10  Donnell Heard
     Charter Schools*  Reginald Trammell
     Multiple Pathways*  Donnell Heard
    *Focused support will be provided to the Title I schools included in these networks. 

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