• Unique student log-ins 

    All principals  |  Deadline: September 30

    Students in all grades now have unique log-ins, replacing the generic usernames and passwords (student1, student2, student3, etc.) used in the past. These new log-ins will be used for online testing (iReady, PARCC, and HSA), daily instruction, and access to Office 365.

    To assist in this transition, principals should appoint a primary student account administrator and a back-up administrator to help students reset passwords if they are forgotten. These staff members will be required to complete a brief course on TSS. After successful completion, a new tab on TSS will be available to these staff members, with a tool to reset passwords for students at that school. (Please note that student account administrators cannot reset passwords for staff or teachers, who should continue using the link found on the log-in page of TSS to reset passwords.)

    Staff members appointed to be student account administrators (typically school library/media staff) should be full-time employees who have time during the school day to assist students with passwords. Larger schools may choose to appoint staff members at each grade to serve in this role. To request rights for the administrators, the principal must complete the User ID request e-form and check the “Student User Account Admin” box in the “Access Rights” section of the form.

    Learn more here about how students access their accounts. For questions, please email Stacey Davis in the Teaching and Learning department.