• Preparing for assessments

    All principals  |  Deadline: September 11

    The district has learned that online HSA and PARCC testing tools will no longer be accessible and fully functioning on any browser other than Internet Explorer 11 (IE11). Additionally, i-Ready, the district’s new diagnostic assessment will run best in the IE11 environment. Schools should therefore upgrade their browsers as soon as possible.

    To ensure that all district computers used for online assessments have been properly updated, schools should identify a technology liaison to work collaboratively with the school librarian and test coordinator to assess the status of their schools’ computers by following these steps:

    • Identify all computers designated for online testing
    • Log into those computers and access TSS
    • Go to the TSS District Shortcuts module under “City Schools Network Access,” and click the “IE11 Install” link
    • Once the installation is complete, open IE11 to ensure that it installed properly
    • Log out 

    Once all designated computers have been upgraded, the school test coordinator should notify the principal, who will then complete the IE11 upgrade survey to confirm all upgrades have been completed. 

    More information and specific directions were provided to test coordinators, librarians, and elementary technology lab teachers during August professional development activities.