• SMS attendance submission guidance

    All principals and assistant principals  

    Please ensure that all teachers submit accurate attendance every day. In the event that a teacher cannot submit attendance in SMS, please take the following steps: 

    • Ensure a printed class roster is provided to the teacher 
    • Ask the teacher or person managing the class for the day (e.g., substitute) to take attendance on the printed class roster
    • Ensure the attendance monitor collects the class roster and enters the manually recorded attendance in SMS before the end of the day 
    Note that, even if all students are present, attendance should still be submitted SMS to confirm that all students attended.

    If for any reason attendance cannot submitted before the end of the school day, accurate attendance should still be submitted as soon as possible.

    For more information about how principals can ensure accurate attendance is being captured at your school, please review the three steps for ensuring schools record accurate attendance.

    For questions, please email the data-quality team in the Achievement and Accountability Office.