• SLO ambassadors

    All principals  |  Deadline: September 9  

    Student learning objectives (SLOs), a component of the teacher effectiveness evaluation, are academic goals for students created by teachers in collaboration with school leaders. At each school, two SLO ambassadors will serve as experts to help teachers understand and participate in the SLO process; one ambassador is to be nominated by the school leader and one by the school’s BTU building representative. SLO ambassadors must be BTU members.

    School leaders should follow this process to ensure that your school’s SLO ambassadors are in place:

    • Meet with your BTU building representative to discuss nominations and determine who will submit each name.

    • Access the nomination form for school leaders via this week’s “School Based Staffing Update” email from your Human Capital specialist. The Human Capital Office will review nominations, and only those submitted through the electronic form will be considered valid. (Note that BTU building representatives will receive separate email messages with a link to their nomination form.)

    • Ensure that nominations are submitted and nominees have signed the online SLO ambassador contract by Wednesday, September 9.

    Further information related to the required qualifications and the AU course that has been created for SLO ambassadors is available on City Schools Inside. For questions, please email SLO@bcps.k12.md.us.

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