• Attendance recording and notifications

    All principals  

    Starting on the first day of school, Monday, August 31, parents/guardians of students who are marked absent in SMS will receive a call at the end of the school day through ParentLink, informing them that their child was not in school. To ensure these calls are accurately placed, school leaders should ensure that primary phone numbers are recorded correctly in SMS for all students and that staff members enter attendance by 5:00 p.m. each day.

    Please also communicate to staff the importance of entering a correct code in SMS for all excused absences. If a teacher marks a student absent and the attendance monitor does not subsequently enter an excused absence code in SMS, the absence is considered unexcused. Unexcused absences are used to calculate each school’s rate of habitual truancy, so correct coding is required to ensure accurate truancy rates are reflected in Maryland state reporting.

    For more information on what absences can be considered excused and for general attendance information, please review this document. Outlined here are steps principals can take to ensure accurate attendance reporting, please review this document. Questions can be emailed to Savannah Gress or Danny Heller in the Achievement and Accountability Office.

    Please note that the default phone message from the ParentLink system is a robotic voice that indicates the date of absence, student name, and school name. For more about ParentLink and the option to record a custom message for your school, please visit the communications toolkit at City Schools Inside.