• Student immunizations

    All principals  |  Deadline: September 14

    All students are required to have received certain immunizations in order to attend school in Maryland (COMAR 10.06.04). To ensure that this requirement is met for students currently recorded as out of compliance for immunizations, City Schools has set Monday, September 14, as the date by which parents/guardians must submit

    • Documentation of their child’s immunizations or
    • Proof that an appointment to receive missing immunizations has been scheduled, to occur no later than September 21

    If neither of the above is submitted, students must be excluded from school as of September 14. In addition, students who have proof of a scheduled immunization appointment must be excluded the day after that appointment, if they do not provide documentation that the immunizations have been received.

    The district office will place a recorded phone call to the families of all out-of-compliance students by the end of this week, informing them of the exclusion date. Please note that it is incumbent on schools to follow up with parents/guardians directly to let them know that their child is at risk of being excluded from school. Please ensure that out-of-compliance students receive a copy of this immunization appointment letter, signed by a school enrollment official, to take home on the first day of school, along with a copy of the immunization record form (no. 896).  Please note that parents/guardians who request a religious exemption need only to sign the 896 form to bring their child into compliance.

    To assist schools in ensuring that all students are in compliance as quickly as possible this school year, the following resources are available. Please share them with all staff involved in the enrollment process. 

    School leaders should also consider assigning specific students to staff members for follow-up (the list of students out of compliance is updated on a daily basis as a Data Cleansing Report on eWeb) and arranging to subsidize transportation costs or provide transportation for students and parents to immunization locations. Please ensure parents and guardians are aware that there is no co-pay or charge for childhood immunizations.