• Responding to media inquiries

    All leaders

    At this time of year, most media outlets look for stories related to the return of teachers and students to school. In order to manage media requests while minimizing disruption for students and schools at this busy time, staff in the district’s communications department organize opportunities for members of the media at specific locations and times. This year, media have been invited to join Dr. Thornton and guests at visits to Matthew A. Henson Elementary School, Carver Vocational-Technical High School, and Baltimore International Academy on the first day of school.

    Should you or members of your school staff receive media requests for interviews or other coverage of events at your school during the opening days, please refer them to the communications team at communications@bcps.k12.md.us or phone 443-642-3956. If reporters arrive at your school without prior arrangement, they should not be admitted if doing so will cause disruption to regular school routines.

    For questions, concerns, or media-related support, please contact communications staff at the email address or phone number above.

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