• Online school profiles

    Elementary and elementary/middle school principals  |  Deadline: September 4

    City Schools’ website includes profiles of all schools in the district, in an online features that allows students, parents, and interested community members to browse, search for, and compare schools. Profiles should be reviewed and updated as early in the school year as possible by following the instructions below. If you choose not to complete the revisions yourself, please designate someone familiar with all aspects of your school’s programming to do so; questions ask not only for information about academic programming but also about extracurricular and support services, so detailed knowledge of the school is required.  The person completing the survey should set aside 20 to 30 minutes for the task.

    1. Go to http://schoolchoice.baltimorecityschools.org and click on your school name in the alphabetical listing that appears below the introductory text.

    2. After reviewing the current profile, you or your designee should visit this online form to provide your revisions.

    For questions, please email the communications team. (Secondary principals will be asked to update their school profiles once elementary and elementary/middle schools are complete.)

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