• Planting and Maintaining Your Garden
    Planting and tending a garden within the constraints of a school year presents unique issues. Find suggestions on gardens that thrive within the school year calendar.
    Student planting seeds  
    Since many schools do not have active summer programs, it’s important to plan a garden with an emphasis on student and staff involvement during the school year. Including plants that need little or no care during the summer months may be necessary for your garden.

    The following resources will help you make a planting plan and understand the basics of garden maintenance.
    • Master Gardeners are trained volunteers that can help you plan, plant, and maintain your garden and may be contacted via email.
    • American Community Gardening Association offers how-to manuals and other resources to members to assist in planting, growing, financing, and learning in your garden.
    Many organizations provide either free or reduced plants and trees for your garden; below are some that are recommended:
    • The Baltimore Orchard Project offers tools to help determine the best fruit trees for your site, manage pests, and obtain fruit trees for your space.
    • Fruit Tree Planting Foundation is a non-profit organization that seeks to plant fruit trees to alleviate hunger. They provide guides to planting, pruning, and aftercare as well as orchard grant applications.
    • Tree Baltimore is an umbrella organization for Baltimore City and organizations who want to increase the urban tree canopy. This resource page guides you through planting trees in your space.