• Gathering Materials and Supplies
    There’s no way around it: installing and maintaining your garden requires materials. Find a list of traditional and unconventional sources to help you gather what you need on a budget.
    Students planting  
    Tools, soil, lumber, seeds, and plants may be on your shopping list, but before you head to the garden store there are numerous places that allow you to borrow tools, access free plant material, or buy very inexpensive recycled materials. You can also reach out to community gardens in your area to ask if they are willing to share tools and resources. This interactive map shows locations of many community and schoolyard gardens around Baltimore.
    The following links should help you find free or inexpensive materials:
    • Here is a supplies checklist from the Growing Healthy Habits curriculum to assist you in gathering all of the essential items for your garden.
    • Donorschoose is a website that enables teachers to request items for your classroom project through Internet donations.
    • The Loading Dock and Second Chance are nonprofit organizations that sell very inexpensive reused building materials*, and host workshops on using reclaimed materials for building projects.
     * Use caution when using certain reclaimed materials, such as railroad ties, for constructing gardens, as they may have residues of chemicals that can be harmful to your efforts. For information on the safety of reclaimed materials, consult the University of Maryland Home and Garden Information Center