• Destruction of outdated special education student records

    All principals  |  Deadline: July 24 

    In compliance with the Data Records/Retention Program policy (EHB) and the Maryland Student Records Manual (per COMAR 13A.08.02.06), City Schools has posted notice of intent to destroy the special education records of all students who exited from special education services prior to and during the 2008-09 school year. Under federal and state laws, City Schools is required to inform parents when their child’s personally identifiable information collected, maintained, or used to provide services under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) is no longer needed. Students or parents wanting to maintain their special education record must contact the Student Records department by Friday, July 24

    In most cases, IEPs prior to the 2000-01 school year or from closed schools are located in the Student Records department. IEPs dating from 2000-09 are typically retained at the last school where the student was enrolled. A consolidated list of all IEP requests from your school, along with instructions on locating the IEPs and providing them to the requesting student or parent, will be shared during the week of July 27. Additional information for the process of destroying qualifying IEPs stored at your school will be provided in August.

    For questions, please email Nell Etheredge in the Achievement and Accountability Office.

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