• Mentor Academy registration

    All principals | Deadline: July 17

    All principals must complete this online form to designate their school’s mentor for new teachers (those in their first through third years) by Friday, July 17. Mentors must

    • Be tenured teachers with at least five years of satisfactory performance
    • Be BTU members
    • Be members of their school’s instructional leadership team
    • Hold an advanced professional certificate

    The ideal mentor should also have effective interpersonal skills; knowledge of adult learning theory, peer coaching techniques, and district procedures; and be open to learning new skills and processes for improving practice.

    As their first responsibility, mentors are responsible for developing site-based orientation sessions scheduled for Thursday, August 13 (full day), and Friday, August 14 (half-day) for first-year teachers. Mentors must also attend Mentor Academy on August 10 to 14 at Loyola University.

    For questions, please email Shanna Warburton-Barnes in the Academics Office. 

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