School Supports Office

The School Supports Office provides an integrated, comprehensive system of support services for students and families to create cultures and climates where students’ academic needs can be met.

Contact information

200 E. North Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21202
Phone 443-984-2000

For School Police, call 410-396-8588 or 410-396-8589; in an emergency, call 911

Chief School Supports Officer
Karl E. Perry, Sr. (email)

Key staff
Amanda Ellison, special assistant (email)


Climate and Suspension

Leads the work in schools regarding prevention and intervention supports, focusing on building positive relationships, a welcoming environment, and students’ social and emotional well-being so that schools develop and sustain positive school climates

Key staff
Everett Garnett, director (email)
Erik Bandzak, coordinator, prevention/intervention training and support (email
Lori Hines, coordinator, climate and suspension services (email
Andrey Bundley, coordinator, strategic climate intervention (email

Enrollment and Attendance

Promotes positive school culture and engagement through the enrollment and choice process while also supporting schools to identify barriers to attendance and connect to resources for re-engagement

Key staff
Sharone Brinkley-Parker, director (email)

Interscholastic Athletics

Promotes physical, social, and emotional well-being by ensuring that all students have opportunities to participate in enrichment activities in the area of athletics and recreation; oversees middle and high school interscholastic activities in accordance with Title IX; and supports the engagement of the whole child to explore and learn in a variety of areas

Key staff
Tiffany Byrd, coordinator (email


Helps to monitor district policies and practices that affect the customer experience of families and community members; responds to inquiries, concerns, or complaints from parents or members of the public that have not been satisfactorily addressed at the school level or elsewhere at the district office; and seeks a mediated resolution of these issues

Key staff
Karen Lawrence, ombudsman (email)

School Support Coordination

Provides an infrastructure to match specific needs from schools to operational supports from various central offices in order to ensure principals are able to focus their efforts on instructional leadership

School Police

Works to ensure that students and staff have a safe environment in which to learn and teach; serves as the primary agency responsible for policing property owned, leased, and operated or controlled by Baltimore City Public Schools

Key staff
Akil Hamm, acting chief (email, phone 410-396-8588 or 410-396-8589)