• Green Leader Achievement Units (AUs)

    For the 2017-18 school year, teachers who lead greening efforts at their school may apply to earn between 1 and 4 AUs through the Green Leader Menu Option.   

    There is increasing evidence that school-wide involvement in greening and sustainability activities, practices and education are beneficial to students, teachers and staff.  These benefits include increased engagement among students and staff; higher achievement on statewide tests; compliance with Maryland’s Environmental Literacy Standards; meeting the sustainability goals of the Educational Specifications and the Design Standards (which are guiding school renovations in the 21st Century School Buildings Plan); and increasing awareness of students about their role in the environment. 

    Many teachers are actively engaged in greening work.  Examples include: teachers have led the effort at most of the 31 schools who have earned the MAEOE Green Schools Award; 117 schools have received greening grants from the City’s Office of Sustainability over the last five years; and many teachers are leading recycling, energy conservation and gardening efforts, often by advising environmental, outdoor or green teams of students. 

    The Green Leader AUs will be awarded to teachers who lead different greening efforts.  The number of credits awarded will vary on the work completed, with a minimum of 1 credit and a maximum of 4 credits.  See the Green Leader AU_Information and Appliction SY2018.

    The deadline has passed for School Year 2017-18. 
    Check back in the summer of 2018 for info on applying next year. 
    Applictions will be due by the end of September.