Cleaning for Health Toolkit

Keeping schools clean is a tough job. Schools are densely occupied, used for many hours each day, and foot traffic brings in and stirs up dirt and dust. Commercial cleaning chemicals can add to indoor air pollution and may create health hazards to both cleaning staff and students, especially those with asthma.  We can have schools that are clean and also promote student, staff, visitor and environmental health.   

Green cleaning is the use of environmentally-friendly materials and practices to clean for the health of building occupants and the environment.  According to the Healthy Schools Campaign, 56 million students and 6 million staff are in schools daily.  In schools, the quality of the indoor air is often worse than that of outdoor air.  A good cleaning program can help improve air quality and reduce health problems in schools.
City Schools is required to use green cleaning products under Maryland state law and under Administrative Regulation ADG-RC - Green Cleaning.  This page provides resources and tools for school leaders, staff and contract custodians, and partners.  
For more information, contact:
Blaine Lipski, Director, Facilities Maintenance and Operations 
Joanna Pi-Sunyer, Green Schools Coordinator


Schools with staff custodians
  • Must use these Diversey daily cleaning products (with prices) sold by SupplyWorks on K12Buy
  • May use up current inventory 
  • Received free wall-mounted dispensers, one set of chemicals, and on-site training for custodians in the spring of 2017
Schools with contract custodians AND charter schools

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Acceptable cleaning product certifications

Request to use an additional green or traditional cleaning product.