• Income eligibility for meals and other programs

    All principals | Deadline: ongoing

    City Schools’ participation in the Department of Agriculture’s “Community Eligibility Provision” means that all students now receive free meals at school without needing to document income eligibility. 

    In the past, eligibility for free meals has in turn been used to determine eligibility for reduced or waived fees for other programs and services. Please note that for programs offered this summer, students can continue to use their eligibility notification letter from the 2014-15 school year to document eligibility for reduced or waived fees. This letter is active until October 7, 2015, to also help support waiver requests. Schools or families who require additional copies of an eligibility notification letter should be directed to email Helen Wilder in the Food and Nutrition Services department.

    Note that if a student transferred into the district after June 1, 2015, then income eligibility letters must be obtained from the sending district.