• Dependent verification

    All leaders | Deadline: May 29

    Please remind all employees that the deadline to submit the required documents to verify dependent benefit coverage is Friday, May 29. If employees do not complete the process and provide acceptable proof of dependent eligibility, their dependent coverage will be terminated or rescinded. 

    Dependent verification documents should be turned in directly to ADP along with the personalized coversheet provided by ADP through secure upload, fax, or postal mail as outlined below. Questions should be directed to ADP at 1-800-847-8531.

    • Secure upload:
      Employees received a registration code to use this online service. Call ADP if the code has been misplaced. 

    • Secure fax: 
      Baltimore City Public Schools

    • Post mail: 
      Baltimore City Public Schools
      PO Box 2338
      Alpharetta, GA 30023-2338

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