• Q4 progress reports for seniors and alerting those not on track to graduate

    High school principals and assistant principals | Deadline: April 17

    Due to the abbreviated final quarter for graduating seniors, distribution of Q4 progress reports to seniors is optional. If your school wishes to distribute these reports to seniors, please opt in by emailing Matthew Griffin by Friday, April 17. The PowerTeacher Gradebook sync window for Q4 senior progress reports is Monday, April 20, to Wednesday, April 22, with distribution from Thursday, April 23 to Monday, April 27. (Please review a previous announcement for information about sync windows for other grades.)

    Between April 13 and 23, the Graduation Status Report and student transcripts must be used to determine whether students are appropriately scheduled for classes, assessments, and service learning opportunities to enable on-time graduation. Schools must send notification letters and copies of Q3 report cards to all seniors at risk of not graduating.

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