• Professional expectations task for classroom teachers

    All leaders | Deadline: April 1

    For this year’s Teacher Effectiveness Evaluations, City Schools has worked with BTU and a broad range of stakeholders to revise the professional expectations task and develop an accompanying rubric. Changes from the 2013-14 evaluation include

    • Streamlining indicators and removing duplication, reducing the original 24 indicators to 16
    • Removing the “job knowledge” indicators
    • Developing and including a rubric for each indicator, and consolidating indicators into four areas of competence
    • Revising the communication indicators to reflect the various audiences teachers encounter

    Copies of the SY14-15 rubric and indicators are available in the Teacher Effectiveness Evaluation section of City Schools Inside and on Office 365. Please review these documents with your staff and encourage them to read the evaluation-related information on City Schools Inside.

    Remember: The professional expectations task and the second formal observation must be completed by April 1.

    For additional questions, please contact the Human Capital Office at 410-396-8885 or email the Evaluation and Training Team.

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