• Spring data cleansing for required reporting

    All principals  |  Deadline: March 16

    Each spring, the Maryland State Department of Education collects information on student attendance and enrollment, the courses students are taking, and the grades earned for each course. This information is used to calculate class size averages and school-level attendance rates posted on Maryland Report Card.

    It is important that all schools ensure accuracy of their records regarding student transfer, attendance, and course data. Principals should work with registrars, support staff, and guidance counselors to resolve issues or discrepancies by Monday, March 16.

    Please note:

    • All transfers from one Baltimore City school to another Baltimore City school are correctly recorded (data-cleansing report 12). Students who are transferred out of a school (T10ed) but never enrolled in another school in the district should be re-enrolled after remaining in transit for more than five days. The student should then be fully scheduled and marked absent for each class, going back to the E10 date. Simultaneously, the due diligence process should begin.

    • "Homeroom date” is the same as “scheduled date” (data-cleansing report 37). This report shows students who have no schedule and students who were enrolled in a school for some period without having a schedule. Students lacking homerooms (elementary) or schedules (secondary) should be scheduled immediately. Attendance for all dates from the day of enrollment must be entered.

    • All students have a valid middle name entered in SMS (data-cleansing report 128). Schools should check against the official birth documentation in the cumulative files to verify the middle names for students on this report (if applicable).

    • Additional corrections requested by MSDE. MSDE errors will be shared by network facilitators in school-level error reports.

    Help guides for data-cleansing reports 37 and 128 are available on TSS, and data-cleansing reports are available on eWeb.

    To resolve an MSDE error, please have staff follow precisely the instructions in the “Issue” column of the school-level Excel files provided by facilitators on a weekly basis.

    For questions, email Daniel Heller in the Achievement and Accountability Office.

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