• Overdue Title I attestations regarding highly qualified teachers

    Principals at Title I schools | Deadline: January 30

    Federal law requires that 100 percent of teachers in Title I schools maintain highly qualified (HQ) status. City Schools principals at Title I schools must attest to the HQ status of their teachers.

    At the beginning of the school year, the Human Capital Office notified principals of non-HQ status of teachers and requested that they correct any erroneous information. As of January 5, 2015, the schools listed on this spreadsheet have not submitted an attestation or have attestations that require corrections.

    To make submissions easier, the spreadsheet includes the responses that principals need to input on the attestation form, based on teacher and paraprofessional HQ status as of the original October deadline. Please log on to Principals' Dashboard to view the October HQ/NHQ report, located under the “Highly Qualified” tab.

    To complete the form, first log on to eForms and access the Title I attestation form. Then follow these steps:

    1. Select your school number from the drop down menu (see the spreadsheet, Column B)
    2. Indicate the Title I school program (spreadsheet, Column A)
    3. Indicate HQ teacher attestation (Column E)
    4. Indicate HQ paraprofessional attestation (Column F)
    5. Click the signature box
    6. Submit

    For questions, contact Tamara DeShields-Burns in the Certification department by email or at 410-396-8885.

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