• Midyear conferences with BTU employees

    All principals | Deadlines: January 15, February 19

    Following discussions with the Baltimore Teachers Union (BTU) regarding the teacher effectiveness evaluation for the current school year, the midyear conversation component of the evaluation process has been repurposed to focus on Student Learning Objectives (SLOs). This will ensure an opportunity for both supervisors and employees to discuss this new measure in the evaluation.

    • Conferences with classroom teachers:
      Given the schedule for SLO training throughout January, the deadline for midyear conversations with classroom teachers has been extended to Thursday, February 19. Guidance and forms to facilitate these discussions will be shared at the next Principal Learning Session (January 15 or 16, depending on network).

    • Conferences with other BTU employees:
      For BTU employees who are not classroom teachers but are still evaluated with the PBES forms (e.g., education associates, guidance counselors, related service providers), the midyear conference form must be completed in OPMS by Thursday, January 15.

    Next steps

    • Complete midyear forms for BTU non–classroom teachers by January 15
    • As soon as possible, discuss supports and action steps with employees who are struggling
    • If you have already had midyear conversations with BTU classroom teachers, retain any documents and continue to implement identified supports
    • Complete SLO-focused midyear conversations with classroom teachers by February 19

    Please review the complete evaluation plans by job title for the 2014-15 school year. Please also remember to review and share the forms, checklists, and support resources found in the Employee Evaluations area of City Schools Inside. For questions not addressed by these resources, contact the Human Capital Office at 410-396-8885 or by email.

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