• Midyear data cleansing for required reporting

    All principals | Deadline: February 9

    In order to calculate and report class-size averages as required by the Maryland State Department of Education, all schools must ensure accuracy of records regarding courses taken by each student, along with the grades and teachers associated with each course. Principals should work with registrars, support staff, and guidance counselors to ensure the following data-cleansing steps are completed and errors are resolved by Monday, February 9:

    • All first and second semester courses have a teacher of record (data-cleansing report 100)
    • All students have grades for all courses taken first semester (data-cleansing report 126)
    • All students are correctly scheduled (data-cleansing reports 110 and 121)
    • All students have a valid middle name entered in SMS (data-cleansing report 128)
    • All students have correct demographic information (data-cleansing report 109)

    Help guides for each report are available on TSS, and data-cleansing reports are available on eWeb. In addition, network staff will send out notices on a regular basis to assist in resolving errors.

    For questions, email Daniel Heller in the Achievement and Accountability Office.

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