• Parent Portal process change

    All principals | Deadline: ongoing

    An online log-in request form has been created to make it easier for parents to sign up for Parent Portal. Schools no longer need to print letters to provide access to families. However, parents may still need school assistance to set up their accounts, if the information associated with their children in SMS is incorrect or incomplete.

    If parents are unable to access Parent Portal, they will be directed to contact their child's school. School staff trained on SMS should verify the spelling of the contact's name as well as indicators listed in SMS. A reference guide for schools and step-by-step instructions for account set-up are available to assist schools in helping parents. If school staff members are unable to assist parents and have followed the reference guidelines, they should contact the ITD Service Support Center at 443-642-3000 or by email.

    Principals should ensure that all SMS registrars and/or Parent Portal contacts review a training video and complete an assessment to confirm their ability to adjust SMS records so that parents can access Parent Portal. Please direct these staff members to view the training and assessment by logging in to TSS and locating the SMS course on the staff training apps module. Select the “office task” link from the left menu, scroll to the Parent Portal SMS-link section, and select the link titled “online training.” Participants who successfully complete the online training will earn a digital badge to display in their user profile.

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