• Title I parent involvement allocation

    Principals of Title I schools | Deadline: January 30

    All Title I schools should be planning now to use their allocated funds for promoting parent involvement. For schools with dollars remaining from 2013-14 (FY14), it is a priority that these funds be exhausted. To date, only 40 percent of the district's total parent involvement allocation has been spent. Schools with FY14 funds are strongly encouraged to continue spending per their approved plans until all funds have been expended.

    FY15 Title I parent involvement funds are now available for use. These funds support implementation of each school's parent involvement plan. The window for budget amendments for both FY14 and FY15 spending plans runs from January 12 to January 30.

    Please work with the family and community engagement specialist on your network to prioritize spending, and monitor and fully implement your school's spending plan.

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