• Survey on college and career-ready standards

    All principals | Deadline: December 5, 2014

    MSDE is collaborating with the Center for Application and Innovation Research in Education to conduct surveys about the readiness of Maryland's schools and classrooms to meet the Maryland College and Career-Ready Standards. All principals, assistant principals, and teachers are requested to complete their version of the current survey by Friday, December 5.

    The current survey follows those conducted in Fall 2013 and Spring 2014. Similar to the spring survey, administration of the current survey is funded by MSDE as part of its ongoing Race to the Top effort.

    The results of the surveys will inform MSDE and each LEA about resources needed to facilitate the transition to the Maryland College and Career-Ready Standards. Each LEA will receive a copy of the statewide results, results from other LEAs within their region, and responses specific to their LEA. The statewide report will not include comparisons across LEAs.

    Please be assured that the survey tool protects the anonymity of all respondents. The survey results cannot identify specific principals or teachers who complete the survey, nor the schools to which they are assigned.

    Principals should share the appropriate link below with their assistant principals and teaching staff, with a request that the survey be completed by December 5.

    For questions, please contact the Achievement and Accountability Office.

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