• New policy on data/records retention

    All leaders | Deadline: Ongoing

    On October 28, 2014, the Board of School Commissioners adopted policy EHB, Data/Records Retention Program. The policy and its administrative regulations (EHB-RA and EHB-RB) are intended to guide the district with regard to retention of records, including how long various records must be maintained, the proper destruction of records, and the important legal requirement of maintaining some records beyond the destruction date in certain circumstances (e.g., litigation hold, requests and inquiries under the Maryland Public Information Act, subpoenas). Administrative regulation EHB-RB comprises schedules of myriad records maintained by the district.

    Some district offices will be selected in the near future for the pilot implementation program. With the exception of school-based finance records, retention schedules for records maintained at the school level will be forthcoming in the 2015-16 school year.

    Of particular note: A retention period of three years has been set for City Schools email. Any email not filed in a longer-term archiving system within three years of it being sent or received will be automatically deleted. Stay tuned for guidance from the IT Office regarding implementation of this email component.