• November school-based professional development

    All school leaders | Deadline: November 3, 2014

    As previously scheduled, all school staff will participate in professional development at their schools on Monday, November 3. Principals should use this opportunity to customize the Principal Learning Sessions from September 26 and October 9 for their staff, underscoring a common vision and strategy of excellence, effectiveness, and equity to raise the bar for every student. Specifically, it is critical to ensure there is a solid foundation for leveraging student assessment data to plan for classroom instruction and to meet schoolwide goals for improved student outcomes.

    To help principals plan the professional development, the Academics Office has created two modules (below). The customizable PowerPoint slides and annotated agendas can be accessed on Office365 School Leadership.

    Module: State of our school — visualizing improvement through diagnostic data
    Learning objectives 
    • Invest all staff in schoolwide achievement goals 
    • Make connections between schoolwide achievement goals and classroom instruction 

    Module: Assessment and collaborative planning 
    Learning objectives 
    • Gain a renewed understanding of how assessment drives planning and classroom instruction 
    • Utilize formative assessment data to inform instructional practices 
    • Develop an action plan to strategically address next steps based on assessment data 
    Schools that have already planned professional development for November 3 should cover these modules with staff by November 21, during collaborative planning time. 
    Please contact your school's Executive Director for any questions or assistance with planning the November 3 professional development.