• Required training on integrity in test administration

    All principals | Deadline: November 14, 2014

    In compliance with COMAR and City Schools’ administrative regulations guiding implementation of the Test Integrity Policy, principals must complete a required training on administration of mandated state and local assessments.

    The training is delivered online via TSS, takes approximately 30 minutes, and must be completed by Friday, November 14. At the end of the training, you will be prompted to print, sign, scan, and email the following documents:

    1. MSDE's test administration and certification of training form and nondisclosure agreement
    2. Principal's affidavit
    3. PARCC security agreement

    Receipt of these documents serves as confirmation of your completion of the training.

    For questions, contact James Gresham in the Achievement and Accountability Office at 410-396-8962 or by e-mail.

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