• "Great SouthEast ShakeOut" earthquake drill

    All principals | Deadline: October 31, 2014

    Earthquakes occur without warning, and few areas of the world are free from their dangers. To ensure preparedness, all schools are asked to register for the Great SouthEastShakeOut earthquake drill and to conduct their drill between Wednesday, October 22, and Friday, October 31.

    The universal drill for earthquakes is "drop, cover, and hold." Refer to your Critical Response and School Emergency Management Guide (section 3, page 45) for guidance, and refer to this illustrated document for conducting a drill or evacuation exercise.

    There will be no siren or simulation from external sources for the earthquake drill. Schools should use routine processes for practicing drills and evacuations. Whenever a practice drill is performed and the alarm is sounded, School Police must be informed.

    As a reminder, each school must perform a total of 18 drills during the school year. The first biannual verification of the drills must be submitted to your EBS at the end of November 2014. At that time, it is expected that each school will have performed four fire drills, one bus evacuation, and one or several of the additional six drills (refer to the Drill and Evacuation Log sheet). Participate in the drop, cover, and hold drill between October 22 and October 31, and check the requirement off your list.

    For questions, email Alice Watson in the Operations Office.

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