• Employee conferences and individual development plans

    All leaders | Deadlines: October 15 and 31, 2014

    With the new school year underway, all supervisors must schedule conversations with their staff members regarding performance expectations and goals for the year. Depending on staff members' bargaining units, deadlines for these conferences are as follows:

    • By Wednesday, October 15: Initial planning conferences for BTU employees (using PBES forms)
    • By Friday, October 31: First conferences for PSASA employees (via OPMS)
    • By Friday, October 31: Initial conferences for PSRP, CUB, FOP, L44, and unaffiliated employees (via the Non-Teacher Tool)

    Remember to review and share the forms, checklists, and support resources on the Employee Evaluations section of this website. For questions not addressed by these resources, please contact the Evaluation and Training team in the Human Capital Office at 410-396-8885 or by email.

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